'Jackie Robinson of Iowa newspapers:' Meet Ty Rushing, a Black journalist in rural Iowa

Ty Rushing is a local newspaperman to his core, with a penchant for punchy headlines and an unwavering commitment to his community. "People are like, 'you want to go to DC? ' Or 'we need you in DC or New York' and I’m like nah. I’d rather go to a Sheldon City Council meeting than watch Congress on C-SPAN," Rushing said with an earnest smile. Rushing met for an interview Thursday to discuss what it's like to live and work in his small Iowa community.
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Sheldon teen behind BLM protest has big goals

SHELDON—Ricardo Rubio missed his family’s summer vacation to South Dakota’s Black Hills because he organized a protest in his hometown to protect Black lives the same day. The soft-spoken 17-year-old incoming Sheldon High School senior was the lead organizer of Sheldon’s peaceful Black Lives Matter Protest on Saturday, June 13. Ricardo was inspired to hold the event in his community after attending similar rallies in Sioux Falls, SD, and Spencer. He said he was more nervous about coordinating

Thieves target political signs in N'West Iowa

REGIONAL—The video is only 33 seconds long, but the black-and-white footage shows a crime being committed on the front lawn of the Vust family’s home on Sheldon’s east side. A little after 10 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 10, a sedan slowly creeps up to the Vusts’ house and stops in the street in front of their yard. The vehicle’s passenger door opens and a young woman steps out of the car and snatches a President Donald Trump campaign sign from the ground. The thief and car vanish after running a s

Why virus numbers went up in Sioux County

REGIONAL—When asked about the staggering increase in confirmed coronavirus cases in Sioux County, officials at the state of Iowa provided a simple answer: “Surveillance testing.” That’s the word straight from Gov. Kim Reynolds’ office via an e-mail response from Pat Garrett, her communications director. Sioux County had 25 confirmed coronavirus cases on May 4 and hit 100 confirmed cases on May 12. N’West Iowa as whole has more than 180 cases, although about a third of those people have recover
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