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'Jackie Robinson of Iowa newspapers:' Meet Ty Rushing, a Black journalist in rural Iowa

Ty Rushing is a local newspaperman to his core, with a penchant for punchy headlines and an unwavering commitment to his community. "People are like, 'you want to go to DC? ' Or 'we need you in DC or New York' and I’m like nah. I’d rather go to a Sheldon City Council meeting than watch Congress on C-SPAN," Rushing said with an earnest smile. Rushing met for an interview Thursday to discuss what it's like to live and work in his small Iowa community.

'The First,' Or 'The Only,' Being Black In Small-Town Iowa

In small-town Iowa, it can feel like everyone knows everyone else’s business and that’s true when it comes to racism too. Kelli Gosch lives in Cresco, in northeastern Iowa, with a population of about 3,700. According to Gosch, just 12 adults in Cresco are black. She is the varsity cheer coach at Cresco High School, and also a mother of three. "The kids come up to me and they're like, 'Oh, Miss Kelly,' and they hug me and I'm like, 'you just called my daughter the n-word.'" Chris Robinson has l

Thomas Jefferson third graders learn importance of community, its newspaper

Newton has been growing and changing in the past few years, with new initiatives and plans in the works for the city. To teach their students about communities and why the newspaper serves as an important part of the community, the Thomas Jefferson Elementary School third-grade co-teaching team of Megan Frehse and Lucinda Sinclair decided to introduce their students to their local newspaper. “We went through each part of the paper, explaining the different parts of the paper, explaining the pur

Reporter Roundtable

We've passed the halfway mark of 2020 with Iowans and the rest of the country barreling toward a November election amidst a pandemic, racial justice protests and economic uncertainty. We check in with our reporters' roundtable on this edition of Iowa Press. Funding for Iowa Press was provided by Friends, the Iowa PBS Foundation. The Associated General Contractors of Iowa, the public's partner in building Iowa's highway, bridge and municipal utility infrastructure. Iowa PBS is supported in part

From Kansas City to the Iowa Cornfields with Ty Rushing by Journalists Are My Heroes • A podcast on

This finale for Season 1 of Journalists Are My Heroes finds me looking in the mirror: Matthew Hansen recently wrapped his tenure as metro columnist at the Omaha World-Herald. Like me, he's a child of the rural Midwest who ended up working as a columnist in his native state's largest newsroom. Also like me, he recently stepped out of journalism to flex his skills in the world of content marketing; he's now managing editor for the Buffett Early Childhood Institute. Like any good journalist given p

Small-town perspectives

On this edition of , we convene a panel of Iowa's small-town journalists to discuss the 2020 election. Joining moderator David Yepsen at the table are Art Cullen, editor of the Storm Lake Times; Ty Rushing, managing editor of the N'West Iowa Review; Doug Burns, co-owner and columnist for the Carroll Times-Herald; and Bob Leonard, news director for KNIA/KLRS radio in Knoxville. Following the studio recording of this week’s edition of , these same guests will participate in a second discussion f

Episode 12 - Ty Rushing - Spencer Weekly

Note to listeners: This episode contains some strong language. This week we talked with Ty Rushing (@Rushthewriter on Twitter), managing editor for Iowa Information in Sheldon. Ty attended and spoke at the March for Justice for George Floyd protest Thursday in Spencer. Ty shared some of his personal story and discussed with us the value of having an event calling for justice and pointing out racism in the community. Then we switched things up a bit to chat journalism and small town life.

Rushing headlines Aurora Heights MLK assembly

Aurora Heights Elementary School kicked off the third and final district-wide learning day of the year with a celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. Day — which is usually marked as a day off for students — and invited Newton Daily News Reporter Ty Rushing to be the keynote speaker of the celebration. Rushing admitted he originally was against the school district’s plan to have school on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. “When the school district decided to change the school calendar, changing Dr. Ma

Racist Encounters Included Repeated Comments About His Hat, Iowa Man Says

SHELDON, Iowa — Ty Rushing said it had been the dead of winter and he was long overdue for a haircut when he got reminded that racism and ignorance know no boundaries. Rushing, an African American, said no barber in Sheldon had much experience cutting hair for African Americans. He routinely drove an hour each way to one who did in Sioux City. But Rushing hadn’t made time to do that recently. So for a while, he wore a hat while he was out in public. That included while he was working as a newsp

Insiders 6/14/20: The Experiences of a Black Journalist in Iowa; Reynolds on Protests at Her Doorstep

DES MOINES, Iowa — It’s not easy to stand up in public and open up about some of the worst things that have happened to you, but that’s what Ty Rushing did when he told stories of his experiences with racism. Rushing grew up in Kansas City, then moved to Iowa to work in the newspaper business. He now serves as managing editor at the N’West Iowa REVIEW. He joined Insiders from his newsroom in Sheldon. Two-thirds of Americans say the use of marijuana should be legal, according to Pew Research Ce

A local paper with a universal statement

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Protests are happening all over the world sharing a message about George Floyd and the black community. One family-owned newspaper is also sharing the message, Black Lives Matter. The N’West Iowa REVIEW is a newspaper out of Sheldon, Iowa. They took to their first and third page to make a statement to their readers. Ty Rushing is the Managing Editor for the newspaper. He says he hopes their paper starts a conversation that everyone should have. “Part of the newspape

Ty Rushing and the conversations we all need to have on

On a very special, Dutch By Association (cue 80's serious sitcom moment music), we speak candidly with our friend, writer, and activist, Ty Rushing about racism and its effects both in Northwest Iowa and across the world. Also, Wayne learns what God's chicken is. Please note, we cover some heavy subjects in this episode, so it may contain some language that all of us find offensive. You can follow Ty on Twitter: @rushthewriter You can follow US on Twitter: @dbapod Also, while you're at it,

Inside KELOLAND: Keeping the conversation going

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — On this week’s Inside KELOLAND, we’re keeping the conversation going on race relations in America as well as here in our own communities. Angela Kennecke talks with the Managing Editor of the N’West Iowa Review Ty Rushing, Pastor Joshua Duncan with Center of Life Church Sioux Falls and Lt. Jason Leach with the Sioux Falls Police Department about racism and the Black Lives Matter movement.
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